Get Ferment'n!

Notable fermentation expert Sandor Katz calls fermentation "creative space between fresh food and rotten food where most of human culture's most prized delicacies and culinary achievements exist."

Fermentation is something of a lost art that is now making a comeback!  Don't be intimidated to give it a try.  Really anyone can do it - with the right tools - and make it easy and fun!

Have you ever attempted to make home-made pickles and found that getting those gherkins to stay in the brine is a tricky process?  Or maybe you've had cabbage grow mold before becoming sauerkraut?  Preserve the bounty of your garden produce without hassle using the Ferment'n Kit!  The secret is their airlock lid innovation which allows carbon dioxide to be released as it ferments, while preventing oxygen from spoiling the batch.  The lid fits over anywide-mouth mason jar.  Plus, the kit comes with a ceramic weight to keep your veggies submerged.

fermentn kit

Aside from making produce last longer, fermentation offers a host of health benefits:

  • Nutritional Enhancement -  During fermentation, some nutrients can be pre-digested into more "bioavailable" forms.   Certain vitamins (especially B vitamins) can increase and occasionally new micro-nutrients are created that were not present in the food to start.
  • Detoxification -  In some foods like nuts, tubers, and grains, fermentation actually removes toxins from foods making them edible or more digestible.
  • Probiotics – A variety of live bacterial cultures are present in some fermented foods that have not been heated, important for gut health and immune health.  Researchers are still finding out how these little beneficial microbes can help our health in other ways.

Here are some recipe ideas compliments of Ferment'n to get your creative juices bubbling!