We Recycle (And you can too!)

We take great care to minimize our environmental impact at the store, from the grocery bags we use, to the way we handle packing materials from our shipments, and separating our recycling from garbage.   Since so many of our customers are also concerned with being "green", we encourage our customers to take advantage of available recycling options.

To that end, we have a few programs in place which allow customers to bring in select items for recycling that would otherwise be headed to the landfill.  


Bring us your EMPTY flexible packages from NOW FOODS

Bring us your EMPTY flexible packages from NOW FOODS

TerraCycle® and NOW® have partnered to create a free recycling program for NOW® flexible packaging, and we are a participating retail location to drop off.

In order to recycle this waste stream properly, please make sure all excess product has been removed (i.e. leftover food). Additionally, if you choose to rinse your product, please dry prior to drop off.

For every pound of packaging that Healthy Habitz sends in, we are awarded 100 points which can be used to donate to charitable causes.  Once we accumulate 2500 points, we can donate to our local school.   With your help, we can reach that goal and you can feel good about buying from a company that thinks about the entire life cycle of its products. 


Bring your used up batteries to our store for recycling through Call2Recycle.  All types of batteries welcome, as long as they are not leaking/corroded/recalled and weigh 11 lbs or less.  Cell phones are welcome too, although there's a better way to reuse those.  Read on..

batteries waste.jpg

Americans throw away millions of batteries each year.  Only 10-12%of the 70 million pounds of batteries sold yearly in North America are recycled.

It's important to keep these out of the garbage.  Cell phones, batteries and other electronic devices  contain hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and brominated flame retardants.  These should stay out of landfills where they can contaminate air, soil, and groundwater.  Moreover, they also contain precious metals worth recovering.  This reduces environmental impact from mining for more virgin metals. 

For every one million cell phones recycled, we can recover 75 pounds of gold, 772 pounds of silver, 33 pounds of palladium, and 35,274 pounds of copper.  Other recoverable metals include tin, zinc, and platinum.

cellphone waste.jpg

Even the plastics can be recycled into new phone components, garden furniture, or auto parts.  Get more surprising facts about how much energy is saved by recycling cell phones here.

Here's the better thing to do with your old cell phones.  Use this link to support healthcare programs in Africa, Asia, and Latin America by just donating your old cell phones and tablets - working or not!  Medic Mobile projects support health workers in 26 countries where phones are used to register pregnancies, track disease outbreaks faster, monitor essential medicine stock and communicate about emergencies.  It's FREE and there's even a tax donation form so you can take that tax deduction!

For other hazardous materials, paint and electronics you may have around your house, note these DROP OFF DAYS through Mid Michigan Waste Authority to safely and responsibly purge!  It's a cleanse and detox of another kind, but still makes you feel so good!


Ear Candling


We are no longer able to perform Ear Candling as a service due to liability and ventilation concerns.  However, we may periodically offer Training/Info Sessions so you can feel comfortable candling at home.

Reach out to us if you'd like to be contacted when we offer such training!  

Thanks for your understanding,

Suzan Moody & the Healthy Habitz crew

Moving Clearance Sale!

moving sale.jpg

As we anticipate our move about 1.5 miles to Uptown North Main, we are offering everyone a great deal! 

ALL regularly-priced MERCHANDISE in stock will be 20% OFF during the last days of 2017. Saving bumps up to 25% on January 1st, our LAST DAY open at 545 S. Main.  

Select bulk herbs, spices and teas are NOW 50% off (marked with orange tag).  You may also find other orange-tagged items around the store that are on clearance.  Display units and excess decor items are priced to sell!

Once it has sold, we won't have any more until we open the new location on Jan 4, 2018 (at the earliest).  However, we are able to take orders for items we normally stock, and notify you when they are available again.  

  Fine Print:  Select "on sale" (non-clearance) items may be excluded from an additional discount.  No rain checks. Sale does not apply to Services or gift cards.

While we're at it, HOLIDAY Hours and MOVING DAYS are as follows:

New Year's Eve: Open  9:30am to 5:00pm
New Years Day:  Open 12:00pm - 7:00pm
Jan 2 - 3 : CLOSED for MOVE

We expect to re-open on January 4th, so keep an eye out for the January Newsletter for an official announcement.

Black Friday: Less Stress, More Savings!

The day after Thanksgiving, some people brave the cold and dark in the wee hours of the morning to wait in line for hours and elbow their way through crowds of crazed shoppers. 

Not at Healthy Habitz though.  We hope our customers can have a pleasant shopping experience and STILL save a bunch on some of their favorite health products and gifts.

So, we'll continue last year's approach, which really allowed for a good flow without too long lines or wait times.

Black Friday is Nov. 24 this year.

Black Friday is Nov. 24 this year.

Save 30% on just about EVERYTHING* throughout the store from 9:30am - Noon ONLY!

*All in-stock, regularly priced merchandise.  Services excluded.  Not valid on gift cards.  No rain checks or special orders.  Clearance items priced as marked.